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Driving traffic to your Hobart business with Search Engine Optimisation

Bringing new customers to your website is the key to taking your business to the next level. To do that, you need to outrank your competitors on search engine results pages.

If everyone is using digital marketing and search engine optimisation, then to get ahead, you need to do it better. To drive organic traffic to your page, you need an SEO team who works with you to get the best results for your business.

At Aussie SEO, we're experts in search engine optimisation.

What makes us different to so many other SEO agencies is that we excel at understanding your business, your industry, and your customers or clients.

Then, we help your business stand out from your competitors by employing customised SEO services and strategies to establish your digital presence and engage potential customers.

So, for your Hobart SEO services, think Aussie SEO.

How can my website be optimised for new customers?

For your page to have new website visitors, you need to rank high in Google's search results. For that, your page must be search engine friendly. What exactly does that mean? Google aims to satisfy its users so, when a user asks Google a question, the most relevant web pages will rank highest.

For your page, that means you need to be seen as trustworthy, relevant, and useful. By making your page answer the question a user poses, you increase your search engine visibility.

As an SEO agency for Hobart businesses, our SEO strategies include on-page SEO, off-page SEO using target keywords through extensive keyword research, meta descriptions, and content creation.

Done wrong, with black hat SEO techniques, Google can blacklist your website and eliminate your site ranking. But with the right SEO services in place, you'll have people finding your website, allowing them to easily buy from your business or engage with your brand.

Quite simply, an effective SEO strategy brings users with relevant interests to your pageby placing your business near the top of search engine results pages, allowing potential customers to find your products or services online, fast.

What does your SEO agency do for you?

Choosing your partner in search engine optimisation and digital marketing isn't as simple as finding an agency with a good track record. SEO is always changing to be in line with Google's frequently updated webmaster guidelines, so an agency that was on the ball last year may be outdated today.

The Aussie SEO team is constantly updating our practices, and we build a custom SEO strategy for your business, which means that you can be assured that our SEO services are always up-to-date.

If you're currently working with an SEO agency, you should ask yourself; what have they done for me lately?

What have they achieved this month?

You should be getting monthly reports on exactly where your money is going and how your monthly spending is working for your business.

What digital marketing have they completed?

It's not all technical SEO behind the scenes. Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in SEO, and if your agency isn't establishing an SEO campaign which builds your online presence with backlinks and regular articles, then they're letting you down.

What KPIs are they tracking?

If your SEO team isn't providing you with monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on your traffic search results, digital marketing, clicks, conversion rates, and online bookings, in that case, you should be asking for more from your agency.

At Aussie SEO, we're strong believers in good communication with our clients. And it's through the relationships we build with our clients that we're able to provide you with the best search engine optimization results, and you know exactly what we're doing in relation to your SEO campaign and how your money is being spent.

What can I expect from your custom search engine optimisation services?

Our SEO Hobart services are tailored specifically for your business. Through thorough competitor analysis, we determine exactly what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong, which allows us to determine how you can do it better, driving more website visitors to your site.

We then assess your website traffic and user experience by auditing your website with leading-edge SEO tools and an expert perspective.

From there, we build a customised SEO strategy for your Hobart business. As SEO experts, our strategy for your business includes:

  • Optimising your website to be in line with Google webmaster guidelines
  • Building your domain authority through off-page SEO
  • Assessing your content and meta descriptions for on-page SEO
  • Building a content marketing strategy to get you to the top organic result for your preferred keyword search terms
  • Managing content creation and google ads management
  • Using local search SEO and paid advertising to find the customers you want
  • Implementing International SEO and local SEO techniques to rank you for online searches

Since our SEO strategies are fully customised to you, you can leave the marketing to us, and focus on doing what you do best; running your business.

We know SEO Hobart

We're your local SEO company in Hobart, so we know the best way to reach the local customers and clients you care about. Quite simply, our SEO services allow your products or services to reach the right people.

We stay up-to-date on the changes in Hobart businesses and industries so that we can always offer the best local SEO services to our clients.

Unlike other SEO companies, Aussie SEO will work with you to understand your needs, and achieving your business goals is our objective.

Ecommerce SEO services in Hobart

Is your eCommerce page lacking attention? Our eCommerce SEO services are tailored to your business and your ideal customers.

Not only will we bring you more website visitors, but through organic traffic on Google search results, your new customers will be engaged with your brand and be ready to buy.

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The custom SEO services Hobart businesses can trust

At Aussie SEO, we've helped businesses grow by providing expert SEO solutions for over 15 years. We offer SEO, PPC, social media marketing, conversion optimisation, and digital marketing services.

Don't leave anything to chance with our risk-free marketing package. We work with you every step of the way so you can get back to what you love doing; running your business.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailored service that's just right for every one of our clients. Whether you need on-page optimisation or copywriting, we've got it covered!

What our clients say

SEO frequently answered questions

Will SEO actually help grow my dental practice?

Yes, and it's actually quite simple. Search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you get your dental services seen by more people, ultimately leading to more patients. This is because the higher you rank in search engines; the more people will view your website, and the easier it is to show in Google Maps.

You will find that our dental SEO processes will not only result in new patients but will help convert existing patients by promoting services they did not know you offered.

What am I missing by ignoring SEO?

We speak to people who have invested precious resources into building a beautiful website and are tearing their hair out to understand why no one is finding it!

Taking the next step in optimising your website so that search engines can find it among all your competitors. Placing your website in front of your future patient is a crucial factor in your practice's success.

What is PPC and how does it differ from SEO?

PPC or pay-per-click is a model used to drive website traffic, in which you pay a publisher when your ad is clicked on. The ad is listed at the top of the page the customer sees in the search engine and might be clicked on first. But research indicates that most people do not trust these links, as anyone can pay to have them there.

SEO is a broader approach aimed at improving organic rankings (non-paid) with search engines like Google, but both can result in more patients finding your business.

These are different digital marketing approaches that you can utilise together to achieve the ultimate search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.

With that being said, the main difference between the two is that PPC, as its name suggests, is paid per click and traffic from SEO is free.

Is SEO better than paid ads like PPC?

It is difficult to say one is better than the other because they can both be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Dental SEO services will provide you with organic traffic, authority, and a solid online presence, and it does not cost you anything once your rankings have improved within search engines.

PPC can assist you in reaching new patients by targeting demographics, including businesses or people in your local area. However, it does cost for each click, and SEO can also focus on local searches!

What do you do to improve my website's domain authority?

Backlinks are links where your dental practice appears on other websites. They are an important part of dental SEO marketing because they show that your content is valuable and authentic.

Google Analytics can report on how many backlinks your website is receiving. They do not need to be from other dental websites, and they can be on almost any site. Google looks at how their site ranks and gives you a score based upon that link. For instance, if your practice has been mentioned on a website like, that will carry high authority.

We, as part of our off-site SEO strategy, will secure you valuable backlinks to improve your authority.

How does Google find our dental website?

SEO companies can submit your website to Google for free, and you can even do it yourself if you want. Doing this allows Google to know that your website is ready to be considered and ranked.

If you do not submit your website, it will still be catalogued by web crawlers on their routine scouting trips, but any changes you make to improve your SEO in the meantime will not be taken into consideration.

How long until your SEO gets results?

Honestly, we have to tell you it won't be instant.

Seeing a result from investing in SEO services can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. SEO takes time because search engines such as Google can be slow to boost your ranking, and if you haven't been posting blogs regularly or making changes to your website, then it takes longer for the search engines to come back and check your site.

That's why working with an SEO company that's involved with your business and also understands search engine algorithms is such a great benefit.

But you should be able to see results in new customers finding your business within the first six months.

Can I buy ads and skip SEO?

Of course, you can! Buying ads, such as Google ads, is included in our marketing strategy, alongside our SEO processes. However, we recommend that the two be used together because they can complement each other and simultaneously improve search engine results.

How will you report on our SEO campaign?

Google Analytics is one of the ways we can report to you on the success of your campaign. We can provide insights into where your organic traffic is coming from, through to the performance of relevant keywords from the Google search console.

You receive a suite of information, including SEO keyword rankings reports, link building reports and your site coverage crawl/index page information. Our priorities align with your business goals, with strategies to attract high-quality traffic and convert that traffic into paying customers.

Do I need to hire someone to do SEO for me?

We think so.

Do you have the time to get to know your local SEO, understand how the search engine ranks for your industry and plan and write content that meets the questions of your clients?

You could spend time learning SEO yourself but having someone else do the work for you means you can focus on what you do best.

Aussie SEO are the experts in search engine optimisation, and, quite simply, we want to help your business grow.

Why is my website not ranking?

This is a great question. It could be due to a few reasons. You might have a Google penalty and not even know it. Sometimes these result from previous behaviours on your website or possibly previous SEO agencies.

You may not have considered the best keywords for your customers. If you want search engines to rank your website for terms your customers care about, then you need to refine your content using keyword research tools.

Choose Aussie SEO as your Hobart SEO agency

For search engine optimisation and site rankings, Aussie SEO are the SEO company Hobart businesses can rely on. So for your Hobart business, work with the SEO experts that understand your business and who'll work with you towards achieving your goals.

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