Can I Do SEO by Myself

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Can I Do SEO by Myself? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t!

Factors that influence the search engines are too varied for a busy entrepreneur or in-house person to keep abreast of

There are people who believe that having computer knowledge is enough know-how to rank a website on search engines.

However, when it comes to web positioning – that is, getting the website or blog to appear among the first results on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when relevant search queries are entered on the search engines – it is vital to have technical knowledge of search engine optimisation.

This means familiarity with keyword research techniques, Google analytics, title tags, organic traffic, and other parameters of search engine rankings.

These guarantee search engines recognise your content, understand its importance and place it on the first page of results.

So, you see that it’s critical to understand all the SEO techniques involved in getting optimal results in search engines.

Now, back to the question, Can I do SEO by myself? The definitive answer would be NO.

We don’t recommend it even if you have SEO knowledge as well. We’ll tell you why in the rest of this article.

Why You Shouldn’t Do SEO Yourself

Here are four good reasons we think you should avoid DIY SEO and delegate SEO services to SEO specialists such as Aussie SEO:

1. You Need In-depth SEO Knowledge & Google Analytics

Effective web positioning is based on knowing the various factors that influence search engine optimization and search engines results.

These include keyword research, using related keywords, building internal links, and analysing the result with tools like Google Analytics.

But that’s not nearly all. There are many other elements, plus these factors can vary constantly.

Thus, it is imperative that the SEO professional has enough experience and stays up-to-date in order to properly handle SEO strategy for a website. Does that sound like you?

You may be a computer scientist and have an acquaintance with web programming but that’s sadly not enough.

In any case, you need expert knowledge concerning the management of Internet spaces so they are optimised for search engines.

The smart move is if you want quality search engine optimisation, it’s best to consult an SEO service provider like Aussie SEO.

With an SEO agency, you can count on the guidance of SEO specialists for quality search engine optimisation throughout your journey to rank high.

To properly carry out effective SEO strategy, you need some of the following:

  • Knowledge about the behaviour parameters of the search engines and information about the changes taking place on the fly.
  • Knowledge of social networks and how to work on them.
  • Management of tools that allow SEO to be much more practical and functional.
  • Subject matter experience that ensures the natural integration of SEO content.
  • Relevant keywords and target keywords research, and content marketing

But that’s still not the complete list! Even if you have all these elements, would you leave your primary business to focus on SEO 24-7?

2. Quality SEO Robs You of Precious Time

Now let’s assume you have all the proficiency to handle your DIY SEO.

When managed personally, ensuring good SEO rankings often becomes a full-time engagement.

This is why most companies outsource SEO strategies to SEO experts. Still, some business owners might consider it cheaper to do their SEOs themselves.

Although it’s possible to handle your technical SEO services yourself- if suitably qualified- it’s essential to remember that it requires divesting valuable time from your primary job, managing your business.

An SEO process involves a lot of time, energy, and also funds.

Those who don’t wish to spend adequate time implementing content strategy, link building (off-page SEO), UX, and technical SEO strategy, are unlikely to get the results they want.

Moreover, for each SEO strategy to be technically executed, it requires in-depth knowledge of programming and web design.

You need a lot of keyword research and also factor in related keywords and meta descriptions.

Taking all of these steps while working on other necessary tasks is simply not feasible for most entrepreneurs, especially long term.

This will lead to them sacrificing the success of their main business for a high SEO ranking.

Remember, when you start getting results, you still need to keep up with the technical demands. And SEO requires consistent effort.

3. Keeping Up To Date

Staying up to date with SEO trends is very important. Social media marketing and content marketing, among others, are highly responsive to customer behaviour, and change pace and style constantly.

Those who do SEO strategies on their own may be unfamiliar with the latest changes in this dynamic field.

Google updates its algorithm about 500 to 600 times a year. In 2020 alone, Google made 4,500 changes to its search algorithm.

Many of these changes are small and barely noticeable. But in some cases, organic search rankings can change significantly.

On June 9, 2022, for example, the core update announced in May was rolled out. And this impacted a lot of sites.

Chances are high that a non-professional DIY person might miss these changes.

4. High Cost of Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Using search engine optimisation tools is usually more expensive for individual use than for SEO services.

The cost of SEO services tools for agency accounts is spread out proportionately to their current customers.

That is, if an agency uses up to 5 paid SEO tools that cost $1,000 in total each month, this cost is spread out across its client base. So the final expense is cheaper for each client.

The cheapest Ahrefs license costs around $99, and the premium is around $999.

Some tools like Google Analytics may be free, but you’ll need other paid services. In the end, you’ll end up paying a lot for SEO tools.

And finally, you might still want to invest in SEO content creation and professional link-building. Then you’ll have to provide internal links to higher-ranking pages.

While DIY SEO can be less expensive in the short term, with no licenses, you won’t get the desired results.

By getting licences for the tools to use, the cost will multiply compared to what SEO experts will charge you.

Answering the Question

Can I do SEO by myself? The above answers this question completely.

If you still feel confident in your do-it-yourself SEO skills, great!

However, if you need professional help getting your business website to rank higher in the SERPs, our team at Aussie SEO is here to help. And we can start with a free consultation.

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