How can appearing on the organic search help my business

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Can appearing on the top organic search help my business?

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Businesses depend on customers to thrive. Any strategy that puts a business before people is usually an effective one. Getting traffic from search engines is one of the customer-first strategies employed by businesses.

There are two ways to attract website traffic. The first way is to rank the website using white hat SEO practices. With this, your website will appear on organic search results with engines like Google or Bing. Second, paid ads can also be used to drive traffic to your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of having your website listed as part of the organic search results on Google. You’ll also learn why organic searches are better than paid ads.

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Before we talk about what organic SEO is, you should have an idea of how search engines work. When a user types a search query, search engines have the responsibility of scouring for the most relevant content.

The goal is to give the user the best experience. To list top results, Google and other search engines consider a website’s page speed, dwell time, site security, and other vital features.

SEO experts take these factors into consideration and deploy them. The strategies these experts employ to make a website become a search engine’s “favorite” or top result are referred to as organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What are some Search Engine Optimization efforts?

To reiterate, organic SEO efforts are the strategies used to get a website to rank at the top of organic search results. This, in turn, generate significant website traffic. Organic SEO practices are also known as white hat SEO strategies. Some

1. Content Marketing

This is an SEO strategy that involves creating, publishing, and distributing high-quality content with the intention of stimulating buyers’ interest in a product.

2. Keyword Research

The process of researching the keywords and phrases that can help your content rank high on the organic search results. Long tail keywords are more helpful in search engine optimization. SEO experts typically ensure that they use keywords that match search queries.

3. Mobile Device Optimization

58.99% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. It only makes sense to improve users’ experience for mobile users. Google also prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly.

4. Site Speed Improvement

The internet is fast-paced. As such, Google would generally disregard slow websites. To bag more website traffic, a website’s SEO strategy should also include making the website faster.

5. Backlink Building

This is another SEO strategy that helps a page rank faster on local search results. It involves driving traffic from external sites to yours.

Other SEO best practices that can help a site rank and drive traffic include adding meta descriptions, title tags, and alt descriptions on relevant images.

All these are white hat strategies deployed by businesses to appear on Google’s search engine results pages.

Organic Search Traffic vs Paid Search Traffic

The difference between organic search traffic and paid search traffic is cost. As the name implies, paid SEO has a price attached to it, while organic traffic is free.

Also, you may discover that getting web traffic via organic search takes some time. Paid search traffic, on the other hand, can get you instant results.

A popular paid traffic strategy is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising via Google Ads. With this, you pay every time a user clicks on the ads and visits your page (even if the user doesn’t end up purchasing your product).

Another difference between both marketing channels is that the moment you stop a paid ad, traffic drops. In contrast, you always retain traffic with organic SEO (as long as your page ranks high).

Why is Organic Search Engine Optimization Important?

The Google search results page is getting more competitive than ever. Organic traffic is the most precise type of traffic you can drive to your page. It is more effective than paid traffic, referral traffic, or social media traffic.

When a user inputs search queries, they have specific needs or questions in mind. Any webpage that meets those needs or answers the questions is likely to acquire a new customer or follower.

Additionally, users trust websites that rank high on a Google search. This is because Google itself is a trusted search engine. Users are also likely to trust any website it recommends. Since trust is a vital element in business, investing in organic SEO is a worthy investment.

Can Organic SEO Drive More Traffic to your Website

Going by research, users prefer organic search results to Google Ads. Research by GroupM UK and Nielsen shows that 94% of all search engine clicks go to organic results. The other 6% go to paid search ads.

This means you have a higher chance of attracting visitors with organic SEO than with paid ads. In short, Customer acquisition is easier with organic SEO.


Now that you know why organic SEO is better than paid SEO, won’t you like to reap all its benefits?

Ranking a website on organic search listings is a lot of work. It requires deploying SEO tactics, analyzing them, and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

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