How can SEO services improve your online business

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Can SEO services improve your online business?

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Taking your local business online is an important decision to make if you are serious about growing your customer base. This is because nearly 99% of Australian adults use the internet.

Therefore, to get your product/service across to them, you need an authoritative online presence – strong enough to put you in their faces.

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is probably the most effective way to achieve this. If done correctly, it can take a business from ‘zero’ to ‘hero’ in a reasonable period of time.

In this post, you’ll find out what SEO is and how it can improve your business.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your site rank higher on search engines.

A search engine is like a library. It stores web pages and content.

When you launch a search, the engine looks through the pages in its index and returns the most suitable results. It does this using a computer program called ‘Search Algorithm’ – a formula used for determining the relevance of a web page and its content.

Different search engines (Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, etc.) use different algorithms. However, they have a common goal – to display the most relevant content to users.

To rank higher on Google (or other search engines), you’ll need to understand and adhere to its algorithm. Optimizing for the algorithm demonstrates to the search engine that your web page is the best for a specific topic.

Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of digital marketing because it constitutes over 90% of your website visitors. Therefore, to experience growth in your business, increase your SEO efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Australia

There are at least 22 million internet users in Australia. 93% of their online activity starts with a search (Prosperity Media, 2022). With this number of people searching for stuff online, SEO is definitely a worthy marketing strategy.

Australian businesses seeking online visibility can hire SEO professionals or an SEO agency to help put the business in the faces of potential customers.


How SEO Services Improve Online Businesses in Australia

SEO practices and procedures require a high level of expertise. The internet hosts at least 1 billion websites across several niches. It takes an expert to outrank all those in your niche. There are SEO companies in Australia that offer digital marketing services.

They can help you create customised solutions for your SEO campaigns, determining what works and what doesn’t. The best SEO companies will give your business a boost in search rankings, and improve customer traffic. They may also offer social media marketing services and pay-per-click PPC services.

The following are the various ways in which SEO services can improve your online business.

Builds Trust

Trust is an important growth factor when taking your business online. Customers will buy from you when they trust you.

SEO services can improve your brand trust by helping you rank higher in search results. The presence of your website on Google’s front page increases its credibility.

Here is how an average web user thinks: “If Google trusts this web page, I can too”.

Increases Your Website Traffic

As an online business owner, you aim to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. The more visitors you have, the higher your chances of closing a deal.

SEO firms specialize in drawing traffic to to a page.

They have the required experience to determine the best keywords to rank for, via keyword research. Then, they create customised SEO solutions to help you increase traffic.

Increases Conversion Rate

As your website rises in the search results, your click-through rate also rises. If you have an optimised landing page, you can easily convert your website visitors to paying customers.

An SEO agency can help you to optimize your website landing page for higher conversion, by adding contact forms to encourage your website traffic to contact you. They also strip unnecessary features, which may prevent visitors from completing a purchase.

Improves Your Customer’s User Experience

Improving the user experience of a website is important. When customers find your website easily navigable, they are encouraged to come back for more. Also, search engines give preference to well-structured websites letting them rank higher.

There are a couple of features that affect your site’s user experience. They include speed, appearance, and accessibility. An SEO agency can improve your website for speed, redesign the interface to make it look appealing, and restructure it for easy navigation. These are the areas that improve the user’s experience and they are integral parts of search engine optimization as well.

Helps Generate More Leads

Your goal as a business owner, who is actively involved in digital marketing is to generate more leads via local search.

You can do this using both search enigne optimisation and search engine marketing. Search engine marketing involves creating paid ads, such as google ads, that appear in search results.

Unlike SEO campaigns, search engine marketing is more direct. You need to bid to appear in the top position. But the disadvantage is that you cannot rely on it for the long term.

Whether you are getting more leads via search engine marketing, or SEO campaign, you will need the service of an SEO agency to get the best of your efforts.

How to Choose the Right SEO Companies in Australia

As an Australian business, you will need a local digital marketing company to put your website on the front page of google search results. Choosing the best SEO firm and not just any firm is paramount.

You must also understand that search engine optimization is not an overnight success. Given the number of businesses vying for the front page, it may take a while to see good results.

Select an SEO agency that transparently states the process being used to optimise your website.

Some SEO companies use black-hat tricks to make your website rank higher on search engine results pages. While this may produce results faster, it will affect your website’s performance in the future.

This is because the Google search engine can identify those tricks, and will blacklist your website URL, believing that it is dangerous to users.

Therefore, you should do your diligence to choose a white-hat SEO company for your business to achieve the best results.

At Aussie SEO, we use proven and regularly updated methods to get you the search traffic you need to grow your business.


Lots of work goes into successfully building a business. An important part of the process is the marketing stage. Without marketing, you cannot get your business across to the relevant audience.

With the advent of the internet, a lot has changed in the way we conduct daily activities, including how we promote our businesses.

Today, the major way by which businesses promote their goods/services is via digital marketing. This involves building a website for your business and using online tools, such as google ads and SEO campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

But the online space is so huge that you have lots of businesses to compete with. To effectively be in charge online, you must take SEO seriously.

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