How to Improve Your Website’s Ranking

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How to Improve Your Website’s Ranking on Google in Brisbane

Every time a new customer sends you a message, calls, emails or physically visits a Brisbane business premise, it’s likely due to a search query ending with ‘this and that in Brisbane, or this and that near me.’

Do you know which Brisbane business gets the prize?

The one whose name appears in the top ranks of the first page of Google search results, also called SERP, or search engine result page.

The others? Well, they have to wait for those chance walk-ins of potential customers. And those don’t happen every day.

Defeat Your Competition with a High-Ranking Website

The difference between the two scenarios, of course, is that the winning business has a high-ranking website, achieved through local SEO (or search engine optimisation) via a local SEO campaign.

This high ranking results in increased organic traffic, and as a direct outcome, brings in new patronage.

How Can Your Website Rank Higher on Google?

Now, how can your Brisbane business’s website rank higher on Google? Is all that is necessary the right keyword research that hopefully leads to more organic traffic?

While keyword rankings are important, your website will still need optimisation specifically.

Website Optimisation

For your website to rank high on Google, it needs to be optimised. But, that’s not all of it either.

It needs to be optimised locally as well as organically. Why local, you ask? Isn’t it enough for my Brisbane business to rank high organically and nationally?

Well, yes and – no.

Your Business needs Local SEO Brisbane to Survive

Where does local SEO come in? Let’s begin with verified facts.

How amazed would you be to learn that one and a half billion physical location visits result from local Google searches in Australia EVERY MONTH?

Further, about 46% of all Australian online search queries possess a local search intent.

According to a study, in 2020, 93% of potential consumers searched for a local business first before making a purchase.

Then also, a hefty 69% of all internet-based searches were derived from local and organic searches.

If it’s not yet obvious, this is what all these mean to your Brisbane business.

If you run a local business anywhere in Australia, Brisbane inclusive, not taking account of local search engine optimisation may be costing you a bundle.

Local SEO is the part of your website ranking activities that will actually place you in Google map packs, and land new potential customers in your physical location, or online store.

So local search engine optimisation is every bit as important as organic SEO for your Brisbane business to grow.

This is best done by a good Brisbane SEO agency. To do this, the Brisbane SEO specialist will execute a number of activities.

These are all geared to rank your website high, and position you on the coveted first page of search engines results, and Google map packs.

Search Engine Optimisation and Technical SEO

Other tasks under the umbrella of search engine optimisation (SEO) and technical SEO are required for a good ranking of your website.

Effective SEO is divided into 2: Onsite SEO (on-page SEO) and Offsite SEO (off-page SEO).

Onsite SEO

On-page SEO tasks will include:

SEO Audits

The Brisbane SEO agency will begin with an SEO Audit. The purpose of this is to accurately diagnose any issues your site may have, and offer the right solutions for them.

Common problems the Brisbane SEO specialist may need to solve will include technical issues that will be handled by technical SEO, or whether your website is targeting the right keywords.

Local Keyword research

Next follows keyword research. Locally relevant keywords or keywords with a local modifier need to be organically embedded into your site’s content.

For instance, effective local Brisbane SEO may require that SEO efforts take into account profitable keywords for the area, as opposed to nationally.

This is a fine art and the right balance needs to be brought into this operation.

Too little would be ineffective, and too much could be read by Google as ‘stuffing.’

This could result in being thought ‘black hat’ and not being indexed for potential high Google rankings.

Getting the right local keywords require social listening and research skills. This is not something you want to be doing DIY or leaving to an inexperienced SEO agency.

Local Content creation

Good content creation helps your website attain domain authority and rank for relevance and prominence.

Search engine optimisation must be embedded organically to be effective.

Links building

Internal links are important in selling an overall picture of your site as an authority.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO or off-page SEO is every bit as vital as onsite SEO, even if it’s happening away from your website.

Good offsite search engine optimisation results in your website gaining authority from other authority sites backlinking to yours.

Offsite factors your website needs to rank high are:


A great Google My Business profile is a crucial part of search engine rankings strategy.

Since Google accounts for 93% of all online searches, it’s a resource you want to make sure reflects your business in a positive way.

There will always be a temptation to handle your Google business profile DIY; don’t fall for it though.

Certain aspects of your GMB strategy such as the right posts, category, or photos need the expertise a Brisbane SEO agency like AussieSEO can bring.

Reviews, Citations, and mentions

Independent reviews citations and mentions of your business on the right authority sites go a long way to selling your brand authority to Google’s algorithm.

Selecting just the right sites is a skill that takes experience and know-how to attain.

Guest posting

Guest posting is also a crucial offsite search engine optimisation strategy when used in just the right dose.

Your Business Needs a Professional SEO Agency in Brisbane

A high-ranking website, using local SEO strategies will result in solid benefits. But DIY efforts will only take you so far.

That’s where good SEO Brisbane services can help.

Your Brisbane SEO team can leverage its local know-how, quality SEO strategy, and years of experience in dealing with Google’s ever-changing algorithm to benefit your business.

Reasons AussieSEO is the Best Brisbane SEO Agency for You

AussieSEO has a solid digital marketing agency and search engine optimisation reputation in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast areas.

Our local know-how complements our years of successful SEO strategy for clients to earn us the title of the top Brisbane SEO specialists.

Why risk Google’s dire penalties by a possible DIY search engine optimisation campaign misadventure?

We are here for your business and we are affordable, proven over time, and local.

Get in touch right now to start your Brisbane SEO journey.

You can also take advantage of our free SEO Audit here.

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