Is SEO necessary for my Website

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Do I Need SEO for My Website?

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As an Australian website owner, you doubtless have come across the term SEO, especially in relation to digital marketing. You are probably also aware that your brand’s online visibility is largely dependent on it.

Research shows that 95% of online traffic goes to the first page of search results. The other pages compete for the leftovers.

This suggests that web pages that appear on the top of the results get all the online engagement.

Such pages are more likely to attract additional visitors, ultimately leading to an increase in paying clients.

If you still wonder why there is so much buzz around SEO, then here’s your opportunity for a rethink.

Because search engine optimisation can bring your business out of obscurity and into the online spotlight.

How Search Engine Optimisation Works

SEO is the process of improving organic traffic inflow to your website.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, encapsulates all the technical activities that help your website rank high in result pages of search engines.

Done right, SEO increases your Brand’s visibility and its ability to provide top-notch content to your site’s users and cater to the search queries of users.

This way you promote discovery, relevance, and authority for your site over rivals.

What Bots Do on Your Site

In the discovery stage, search engine bots crawl through your content, taking note of the quality and even quantity of your content.

Secondly, in the relevance stage, the bots determine the relevance of your content by indexing it using keywords.

Google and other search engines are chiefly concerned about the applicability of your content to search queries.

Finally, in the authority stage, the bots rank your content in terms of its backlink credibility.

You may establish your site’s online presence by producing high-quality content on the subjects you want to rank for and by incorporating backlink building in your content.

Backlinks and What They Do

In a nutshell, backlinks are key to good off-page SEO.

They are hyperlinks to sites that currently link to your website.

They’re a signal to Google that your website has high-quality resources that potential customers want to reference.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good SEO strategies get you on the radar of your target audience and give search engines access to crawl your content.

The overall objective is to get your site to rank on the first page of results.

The following are what you stand to gain by optimising your website for search engines.

  • Organic ranking can bring traffic to your website for free, for a long time. This implies that, if you stopped spending money on SEO, you’d still get traffic for your online content.
  • Most users trust search engine results. Therefore, the presence of quality backlinks and positive user experience is key to building rapport with them.
  • Your SEO strategy puts you ahead of your competitors. Learning from them, replicating their strategies, and even linking to their site from yours is a foolproof way to move your content up the search results.

Why Organic Ranking is More Beneficial than Paid Ranking

Organic Search engine results are unpaid for results that show up on search engines.

On the other hand, Paid ranking typically refers to the sponsored results on the top or side of search engines’ results page.

When you pay a token for Google ads, your content is automatically tailored to appear before your target audience when they search for certain terms.

These two kinds of ranking are important. However, we recommend that you prioritise organic ranking for the following reasons:

  • Search engines are the most popular traffic generator and the most reliable resource for users.
  • Organic search results on search engines appear based on the quality of the content, and users know this.
  • Rankings are difficult to acquire and require effort, but once you do, you may enjoy the rewards for a very long time. Endeavour to make use of free SEO audit tools to guide your analysis.
  • It presents you as an industry expert in your field.

Limits of Paid Advertising

Paid ads, alternatively called, pay-per-click are a great way for you to get short-term results. In fact, you can get targeted traffic to your website from day one!

However, using paid ads comes at a cost.

  • Even though you are generating revenue from it and you can scale up really quickly, it typically starts costing more money as you scale up.For instance, your cost per click and cost per visitor will keep increasing with paid ads.
  • Unlike Organic ranking you have to keep spending money on a paid ad, otherwise, it’ll stop running.
  • Using paid ads requires a certain level of experience with metrics, as one is expected to monitor the ads constantly. We suggest the Google analytics tool for this task.
  • Your PPC campaigns cannot just be set up and left alone. To achieve the greatest outcomes, you must put effort into optimising and upgrading.


Search Engine Optimisation features powerful digital marketing techniques that will give you maximum visibility.

This technique will also increase the number of visitors that are truly interested in what you have to offer.

To start improving your site visibility, contact Aussie SEO. We are Australian SEO specialists that offer Local SEO services.

Our primary aim is to position your website where it should be always- Google’s first page.

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