The Importance of Mobile-friendly Design

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The Importance of Mobile-friendly Design for Brisbane Businesses

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Do you know mobile internet traffic beats desktop originating traffic by about 3% year on year? And that 57% of all web traffic is done on mobile devices?

Now, add to that the fact that 71% of retail shoppers use a mobile device as part of their purchase process.

The implications for your Brisbane business?

If your site design is not optimised for mobile use, potential customers may not be effectively seeing you, even if you’re using all the right keywords.

Now, many confuse the term ‘mobile website’ with a website you can find on your phone or even a responsive website.

So, let’s start by clearing that up right away.

What Is a Mobile-friendly Site or a Mobile Site?

Your site is not mobile-friendly just because someone can browse through it using a smartphone.

A site with a mobile design, or a mobile-friendly site, is a site that has been optimised for mobile use.

Factors that influence this include:

  • Web page design
  • Site structure
  • Mobile sub-domain
  • Google AMP
  • Internal linking structure
  • Dynamic design

And lot’s more.

The emphasis here is on ease-of-use or user experience also called UX.

The more mobile-friendly your site is, the easier customers or users can get around it on a mobile device.

Aussie SEO has long experience utilising SEO strategies to help Brisbane companies grow organic traffic using important ranking factors.

We know it’s important that your website has mobile-friendliness built into it, so you are at the cutting edge in an increasingly techy world.

Now let’s go to the real important reasons it is necessary to make sure your business web design is mobile-friendly.

People Use Mobile on the Go

How would you like it if people can only buy from your web page if they are seated behind their desks in their offices or at home?

That doesn’t sound much like a winning strategy, and you would be right in thinking that.

People make purchase decisions all the time, whether they are in an elevator or an uber.

The fact that people use mobile when they are in transit makes it very necessary for them to be able to access your products or services on the go.

Google Prefers Mobile Content, and so Do Major Search Engines

Since about 2015/2016, Google has prioritised mobile content and mobile sites over desktop alternatives for high-ranking search terms results.

That’s because Google views mobile-accessed internet as the future.

Once Google’s algorithms detect that your site is not mobile-friendly, it will result in unwelcome consequences, even if you have Google ads.

One such will be that you will not rank as high in Google Search results and the same can be said for other major search engines.

This will also make your search engine optimisation campaign less effective across the board.

Reach More Customers with Notifications

Online activity is going mobile. Since everyone is always with their phone it’s easier to reach customers with notifications about new products or update or promotional offers.

Customers are also more likely to enable or allow notifications from your site if it is mobile-friendly.

Become More Shareable

Everyone shares stuff online and we’re more likely to do it using a mobile device like a smartphone.

It’s pretty cumbersome to find something you want to share on a desktop, and then have to transfer it to mobile to share.

The chances are that that potential customer will give up.

Become more shareable by optimising your website for mobile use, making it an easy task to share your resources and updates.

It’s Quicker and More Responsive

Mobile sites are usually responsive sites. Not all responsive sites are mobile but all mobile sites need to be responsive.

That’s because the dynamism or responsiveness in a mobile site also makes them faster.

Overall, this results in a better UX or user experience since needless clutter has been cut out of the site, making it an all-around faster browsing experience.

Makes Contacting You Seamless

Picture yourself on a desktop site that has convinced you to make a call. Only, you’d have to pick up your phone, look up the number, and start dialling.

This scenario is the exact opposite if the same site is optimised for mobile. Then all you’d need to do is click on the call link, and your phone would automatically dial that number.

Mobile-friendliness makes contact with potential customers a seamless affair.

Ways to Make Your Site Mobile

Now that we’ve pretty much covered the significance of making your site mobile friendly, what attributes make your site mobile?

Make It More Responsive or Dynamic

A responsive or dynamic site is a site that adjusts its content to suit the size of the screen.

The more responsive or dynamic your web design is the more mobile-friendly it is.

Make sure that your web content can be displayed on any screen, no matter the size.

Optimise Images

Optimize images by not making them too large so they can load faster.

Remove Unnecessary Information

Remove all unnecessary details, images etc, from your site as they will result in slow response time and clutter up the screen.

Dont Use Flash

Incorporating flash in your mobile-friendly site just complicates everything, therefore do not use flash.

Shorten Navigation Process

Aim for simplicity in the navigation of your site. Try to use as direct a line from end-to-end, as much as possible.

AussieSEO Can Take You to Mobile-Friendliness

AussieSEO has a proven track record of partnering with Brisbane businesses in achieving higher keyword rankings in Google.

A lot of our work involves using quality SEO strategy, technical SEO, and other digital marketing and search engine optimisation techniques for successful SEO strategy implementation.

We stay one step ahead of the completion in trends that help our clients, so, we also see the vital need for mobile-friendliness in site structure for a Brisbane business.

We are the Brisbane SEO specialists that can assist you in increasing your organic traffic by making your web design more mobile-friendly today.

It helps that our customised Brisbane SEO services can be seamlessly integrated into this mobile strategy.

You can begin with our free SEO Consultation, or contact us for more information.

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