What does Content writing mean, and how do I start

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What is Content and how do I start?

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Every business needs high-quality content to thrive. It is key to improving brand awareness, customer trust and loyalty. This is not an assumption. Based on research, at least 93% of consumers agreed that what they read online influenced their purchasing decision in a good way.

This is most likely the reason why companies have given more attention to content marketing.

An ideal content marketing team consist of content writers, SEO specialist, content strategist, social media marketer, digital marketing expert, content editor, etc.

Our focus is on content writers. They are an essential part of the content marketing team and are highly sought after.

Let’s look into what content writing really means and how to get started.

What is Content Writing

Content writing is basically the process of writing, editing, and publishing written content in digital format. It could take the form of a video script, blog posts, white papers, product descriptions, and so on.

The Content Writing Process

The content writing process is a pretty straightforward one. Here is a simple step-by-step approach to content creation:

  1. Research:

    This is the point where you read and gather relevant information on the topic you intend to write about.

  2. Create an outline:

    This is a list of topics and subtopics you intend to discuss.

  3. Write the first draft:

    Based on the research you made initially, write as the ideas come. You will edit later.

  4. Edit:

    Read your initial draft and edit it. Add some data to make your content more fact-based. Your content should keep the readers engaged.

  5. Search Engine Optimisation:

    This is the point where content writers infuse keywords into the content. Optimizing your content for search engines helps it rank higher on search engine results pages.

  6. Edit again:

    This is the final stage. Read the post again and check for grammatical errors, spelling errors, missing punctuation, etc.

What Does Good Content Look Like

It is crucial to have a feedback loop, where you constantly evaluate what you have done and how you can do it better. As a professional content writer, here are a few questions to ask after writing:

  • Does it attract your target audience?
  • Does it engage them?
  • Do readers come back for more?
  • Does it create a desire to take action?
  • Does it convert them into loyal customers.

If it doesn’t attract, engage, retain, and spur the readers to action, then you have some work to do.

Let’s look into how to get the best results from content writing.

How to get the Best Results from Content Writing

To get the best out of your content, consider the following content writing tips:

Use Compelling Headlines

Too many web pages pop up when a user makes an online search. One way to stand out is by using a strong and compelling headline. Make it compelling enough for anyone to stop by your web page.

Solve Problems

Google processes about 8,942,313,600 daily. Create content that answers the questions in their minds.

Use an Interesting hook

The hook is your opening sentence. You may use a quote or an interesting quote. This makes a reader interested in the content.

Make your copy scannable

Most readers prefer to scan through an article. For this reason, use paragraphs, bullets, and lists to make your content easy to scan.

Use visuals

Videos, infographics, images, charts, presentations, and social media stories are effective tools of communication.

Key Skills You Need to Become a Successful Content Writer

There is a huge demand for content writers. The fact is every business needs one. Here are a few skills to help you become a successful content writer:

1. Ability to adapt to various writing styles 

Adaptability is an important skill for every writer. S/he must know how and when to change the style and tone of writing. For instance, writing a blog post is different from white paper writing. While a more detailed explanation is necessary when writing a white paper, a blog post doesn’t require so much.

2. Strong research skills 

The ability to carry out thorough research based on a client’s requirements is a crucial skill for any content writer. Readers trust well-researched and up-to-date articles.

3. Ability to create original content 

As a content writer, you do not have to be an expert. However, you should be capable of creating original content after research. Non-plagiarized work is key to ranking high on search engines.

A strong headline, an interesting opening sentence, and original content are some prerequisites to creative writing.

4. Good understanding of SEO

Understanding SEO is a plus. It is the ability to optimize content until it ranks higher on search engines.

7. Understanding of social media 

Social media is an incredible platform for growing a blog readership. As a content writer, get a thorough understanding of how Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram works.

How do I Start Content Writing Online

Every professional content writer was once a beginner. Focus on honing your writing skills and get as much experience as you can.

Develop your own unique writing style.

Next, create your portfolio. This will help you get content writing jobs faster.

You may also take up online courses to further brush up on your search engine optimization (SEO) skills.


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