Why Local SEO is Important for Small Businesses

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Is Local SEO is Important for Small Businesses

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No company with a web presence can do without search engine optimisation (SEO). A site that ranks higher in search results is more likely to be visited. In contrast, sites on the second, third, or other pages receive far less traffic.

Local SEO for local businesses is something you should consider if you own a small business. Here’s why: over 40% of Google searches now contain a “near me” phrase. This shows that potential customers are constantly conducting local searches for something you’re probably selling. They’d simply go to your competitors if they can’t find you on local search results.

There is no question that local SEO is crucial to the success of your online business.

However, many small businesses overlook the significance of local SEO, so their websites get less attention than they deserve. If you don’t integrate local SEO into your marketing plan, it’s almost like giving the competition the lead.

In this blog, we will examine the reasons why local SEO is important for small businesses. But first, the fundamentals…

What is local SEO?

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Local search engine optimisation (LSEO) is a subset of SEO that aims to increase a local brand’s exposure in local search engine results. The results of the targeting are generated using location-based targeting. The basic premise is that you must have a physical address where local customers can purchase your goods or pay for your services.

The results that show up in local search results usually address “near me” searches, which indicates that the searcher is looking for something in a specific geographical location or that the search engine has recognized that the search has a specific geographic focus. “Best restaurants in Sydney,” for example, is a good example of a local search query.

Businesses can increase their exposure in local search results for terms relevant to their operation by using local SEO best practices – some of which we shall discuss later in his blog.

Why Local SEO is Crucial For the Success of Small Businesses

If you do a Google search for “restaurants near me,” you may instantly see a list of available local restaurants you can easily walk into. As a matter of fact, these kinds of local searches make up almost half of all Google searches.

Even when someone conducts a routine daily search, there is still a good chance that Google will list nearby local businesses. Why is that crucial for small businesses?

Google revealed a 900% rise in searches that included the phrase “near me” between 2017 and 2019. Some searchers even included more specifics like “near me today” or “near me tonight.” Now, in 2022, imagine how much more that number could be.

This means that if your shop is nearby, provides the services or goods a potential customer may be looking for, and has an optimised local business listing, your clients are more likely to find you online.

On average, one out of every three leads can be converted into potential customers – a conversion rate of 33%. And so, people who are looking for more region-specific content have a higher chance of converting.

In other words, local SEO improves conversion rates by generating targeted traffic for all kinds of businesses, large or small.

Is It Possible to Set Up Local SEO Yourself?

Yes, you can.

To set up your shop online, you need a local SEO strategy. First off, you need to create a Google Places listing. It is this directory that is used in organic search results and Google Maps on desktop and mobile devices. To register your business, you need to supply details about your business such as phone numbers, physical addresses, and other relevant information.

Once your business profile is set up correctly, your listing will show up when someone near you searches for something you offer. Likewise, your business will also appear in Google Maps.

However, while performing effective local SEO on your own is doable, going solo usually leads to one or maybe more failed attempts and the conclusion that SEO doesn’t work or isn’t worth the effort. But, in truth, one of the most rewarding forms of digital marketing you can engage in is excellent SEO.

Most small business owners will usually need a helping hand to pull off a successful local SEO. That’s where capable SEO agencies like Aussie SEO step in.

Should You Partner With a Local SEO Agency?

Search engines regularly roll out updates which typically have a major impact on ranking elements for local searches, so it’s important to stay informed to stay ahead of the pack. It’s possible that as you’re getting the hang of the SEO, a Google update comes up and changes everything as you know it.

It takes a lot of effort to manage your SEO training while still managing your business, daily tasks, and family obligations. So, why not let the experts handle local SEO campaigns?

At Aussie SEO, we help businesses boost their search ranking and visibility by using local SEO best practices, thanks to our expert knowledge and industry insight. By analyzing your brand’s needs, we can evaluate your website and local online presence to formulate a winning strategy that allows you to build a stronger customer base and allows your business to grow organically.

How Do Local SEO Experts Convert Clicks Into Paying Customers?

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When your local SEO efforts get horribly complex and time-consuming, local SEO services can be the reprieve you desperately need to stay on top of your SEO game. These experts follow the book’s rules to effectively turn clicks into paying customers.

If you’ve been wondering, local SEO experts manage to consistently bring clients to your doorstep by:

On-site Optimisation

Small businesses often struggle with SEO because their websites are not optimised in the first place. In that case, they could lose out on a lot of search traffic. SEO experts help to optimise your brand’s website so that you don’t encounter such issues.

Using the Right Keyword

The second most vital element in developing a successful local SEO content strategy is conducting keyword research. Local SEO experts use the right keywords to ensure that your website is ranked for the search terms that searchers use.

Optimising the Metadata for Pages On Your Site

There is a meta description and title for every page on your website. A local SEO expert ensures that every primary landing page on your site is optimised for all the right keywords. This process is just as crucial if pages on your websites are going to appear in local search results.

Creating a Google My Business Page

Setting up a Google My Business page is essential for small businesses to maximize their visibility. An expert knows just how to optimise every element on your page so you can get your target audience through your doors.

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