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What does it take to rank higher in Google?

Why doesn’t my website rank higher?

Even on page 2 of Google's search results page?

So what's the deal with SEO?

Many (many!) SEO activities have to be done, together they all contribute to the position of your website in search engine results.

Here's the thing. They all have to be done expertly - really optimally - for your website to have a chance to rank well in search. It's a mix of marketing, sales, copywriting, subject matter authority, technical SEO, and coding. Now with a heavy emphasis on understanding machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and Information Science (entities, knowledge graphs).

Australia's fast growing online behaviour

The Opportunity - 79% growth in online shopping activity in 2020

Australians have gone digital in 2020. Big time. The pre-2020 trend to go online sped up dramatically with Covid-19.

Newcomers new to online shopping online are still online

Digital habits have formed. 67% of Australians new to online shopping still shop online. The move to digital experiences have not reverted.


200K Aussies started shopping for the first time online in 2020


Australia saw a 79% increase online shopping activity 2020


A 145% increase in online shopping for Victoria


89% of Australians researched online before making an in-store purchase since last peak season

Search marketing is the most important way to find new customers.

Stop going around in circles. Start implementing a search engine marketing strategy that works.

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Aussie SEO Services

Grow your business and connect with customers

What’s the most effective SEO activity? To drive more traffic to your website?

It’s content. By far. Backlinks and a long list of other search ranking factors are all very important - yes.

But. It’s still content. If it’s not on your website, Google won’t find and index it, and customers can’t search for it

Your content is what makes search engines turn your website into a lead-generating engine.

Your content strategy starts with the question - what are your customers searching for? Then making sure you give it to them on your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How do you turn your website visitors into paying customers?

Your SEO campaign with Aussie SEO brings more visitors to your website. Now you need to complete the purchase process.

Your visitor has invested time and effort in searching for a solution, and then chose to visit your website. Your job is to complete the sale.

Work with Aussie SEO to identify visitor questions and the pain they currently feel. Then build a customer journey to guide them to a conversion.

Do you offer your products and services to your local area?

If your business location is close to searchers - you need to optimise for local search.

Local search is a separate search product to (regular) organic search, with lots of overlap.

Optimising for local searches now means optimising your Google My Business and Bing Places profiles, asking for and responding to reviews, uploading great photos, updating product/service details menus, responding to messages and Q&A's.

Your Google My Business listing plus your visibility on Google's search results pages means less visitors to your website. A trend that is accelerating. Stay on top of local search, and adapt to the multi-channel nature of digital marketing. Your website is just one channel!